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You’ll love your home and never think about your gutters again with GutterLove!

LOVE Conquers FALL

GutterLove conquers SPRING, SUMMER and WINTER, Too!


With an Install You’re Used to With a Product that’s NEW.


Because that’s what you’re looking for in a gutter cover!

GutterLove Gutter Covers are Affordable Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Gutter Covers. They're Designed to Keep Out Everything - Except Water - Guaranteed!

Channels Add Support

Any time you bend metal you make those points stronger.  By placing multiple channels across the filter, we increase GutterLove’s strength by making it more rigid than a flat filter’s design. The channels also stop the filter from having any tendency to bow, cup or curve which would cause debris to get trapped.  That also means we will handle snow loads, or any naturally falling debris weight load, with ease.

Multi-Point Installation

Installing GutterLove to both the gutter lip and your fascia allows you to add pitch to the product and strengthen your entire gutter system at the same time.  That added angle means it sheds debris better than systems that sit down into the gutter or flat over the gutter.  The better it sheds debris, the less you’ll spend time maintaining it.  And isn’t that the reason for installing a stainless steel micro-mesh gutter cover in the first place?

Pitch Perfect

GutterLove is designed like all of Alex Higginbotham’s top performing products, to be installed on an angle, just like your roof.  That means you’ll eliminate the need for most of the maintenance required by other systems because debris is more likely to roll off or blow off with this design.  When systems sit flat, they trap debris, especially the small stuff like fir needles and all the small debris that occurs from trees blooming every spring.

Stainless Steel

Other gutter guards are made from powder coated steel or expanded or punched aluminum and, over time, may rust, pit or corrode.   Stainless steel is in a class of its own.  That means it will last longer than the most common screens, hoods and covers sold today, keeping your gutters free flowing and you off a roof for good!  And we don’t give you just a little stainless steel micro-mesh, but make sure there’s lots to keep your gutters flowing freely.